Terrestrial surface layer

One way of utilizing the heat from the surface layer of our planet is the installation of heat exchangers (heat exchanging pipes). In combination with a heat pump unit they are a very good way of utilizing this heat, which is inexhaustible but has a low temperature potential.

Various technical solutions for utilizing the heat from the surface layer of the Earth exist and on this page we will try to present the most popular ones. Our heat pump units show very good results with two of the shown below ways of utilizing the heat – horizontal straight pipe heat exchangers, and heat pump units with direct evaporation and horizontal heat exchanging serpentines for heat pump units working by an indirect scheme. Given that we receive reasonable investment indicators, we believe that all other solutions will find a good application in our country.

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Heating installation types

The use of coolant with a lower temperature is a trend in the design and installation of heating systems in the countries of the European Union. Taking into consideration the design standards in our country, after a long study of temperature modes of offered heating units on the Bulgarian market and all verified by the performance of our operating systems we have the ability to offer three main options for the implementation of heating (heating and cooling) systems. An important condition for us is the ability to, if necessary, heat water for domestic use, when the heat pump is not working to heat the building – Summer, Spring, Autumn and during the time when use of solar panels for this purpose is impossible.

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