Heat pump units utilizing heat from the terrestrial surface layer

Water as a heat exchanger

Water is a very precious primary source of heat because of its very good thermo-physical characteristics.

Borehole water is a very good source of heat. Its temperature is relatively constant or changes in very a very narrow range during the year.
Conditions necessary for the normal operation of a heat pump unit are to ensure the required amount of water and its purification of mechanical impurities.

Other inconveniences related to the use of borehole waters are:

  • they are property of the state and its use needs to be authorized
  • a second borehole must be made which will be used to return the water back underground
heat pump unit for borehole water heat pump unit for a closed water loop heat exchanger

Water-to-water type heatpump units with indirect heat exchange

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Heatpump units type "direct expansion - DX"

direct expansion heat pump scheme